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Publikationen von Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Catanese

  1. Fibred algebraic surfaces and commutators in the Symplectic group. Coll. with Pietro Corvaja and Umberto Zannier. Journal of Algebra, 562 (2020), 200–228. [arXiv] [pdf]
  2. The Moduli Space of smooth Ample Hypersurfaces in Abelian Varieties. Coll. with Yongnam Lee. Final version published online 13-FEB-2020 in Advances in Mathematics (2020) 107040 [arXiv] [doi]
  3. Cyclic Symmetry on Complex Tori and Bagnera- De Franchis Manifolds. To appear in the Conference Proceedings of the LMS Midlands Regional Meeting and Workshop on "Galois covers, Grothendieck-Teichmüller theory and dessins d'enfants" held in Leicester 2018, in the Series Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics Series. [arXiv]
  4. The double point formula with isolated singularities and canonical embeddings. Coll. with Keiji Oguiso. J. London Math. Soc. (2020). [arXiv] [pdf]
  5. $\mathfrak S_5$-symmetric equations for the Del Pezzo Surface of Degree 5. Coll. with Ingrid Bauer. Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo, II. Ser (2020). [arXiv] [pdf]
  6. $\mathfrak S_5$-Equivariant Syzygies For The Del Pezzo Surface Of Degree 5.
  7. The classification of Hyperelliptic threefolds . Coll. with Andreas Demleitner, to appear in Groups, Geometry and Dynamics. [arXiv]
  8. Hyperelliptic Threefolds with group $D_4$, the Dihedral group of order 8 . Coll. with Andreas Demleitner (improved by [166]). [arXiv]
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  18. On rigid compact complex surfaces and manifolds.. Coll. with Ingrid Bauer, Adv. Math. 333, (2018) 620–669. [arXiv] [pdf]
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  29. Subcanonical Graded Rings Which Are Not Cohen-Macaulay, with Appendix: A non Q-Gorenstein Cohen-Macaulay cone X with $K_X$ $Q$-Cartier, by Fabrizio Catanese, Appendix by Jonathan Wahl. In: Hacon, Christopher D. (ed.) et al., Recent advances in algebraic geometry. A volume in honor of Rob Lazarsfeld’s 60th birthday. Based on the conference, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, May 16–19, 2013. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 417, 92–101 (2014). [pdf]
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  31. Answer to a question by Fujita on Variation of Hodge Structures, coll. with Michael Dettweiler. 26 pages, to appear in a volume entitled “Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry - in honour of Professor Yujiro Kawamata’s sixtieth birthday” of ASPM = Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics. [pdf]
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